5/27/2023 12:00:00 AM
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I am actually one of the strange people who love to work and I strive to learn new things.  I love to accomplish things and look back on what I have done.  There are many times after work that I come home, eat, feed the dog and then right back to working on something of my own or straight to YouTube to learn from someone else.

I am currently employed as a Senior Member Technical Staff for a major cellular carrier.  I also own WebMeToo.com which is a hosting and web solutions provider.
Because my full time job is very demanding, I find myself not having the energy to work on my own items.   I have always loved the challenges and fast pace of the cellular industry.  It can at times be overwhelming though. 
I have been with them since 1991 and have held numerous responsibilities.
My main focus at the present time is application development and design.
A large part of my current work is linked to directory services, single sign on, security and process automation.
I started in voice and data communications and was on or lead numerous core teams including server imaging, desktop imaging, antivirus and security, vendor management, new retail builds, RQH moves, retail support, cable installations and testing, pbx design, implementation and support, network design, implementation and support, Sharepoint, Siteminder, project management, Rockwell ACD implementation, Active Directory design, implementation and support and numerous other roles.

Before 1991 I worked mainly in telecommunications at local newspaper with numerous coding and support responsibilities.I wrote PBX interfaces to monitor incoming MB and T1 lines, circuit level repair on components and general computer duties including servers, desktops, mid systems and mainframes.

Before that, I did maintenance.  This is what gave me the initiative to work with computers.  After a few hours of standing in a sanitation filtration system you quickly assume that there has to be a better way to earn a living.  The ability to be outside was great in the summer but not so much in the winter here in Ohio.

I started working at around 14 years of age in a bakery.  I worked under the owner and basically assisted in running the place.  When the owner left for the day however, I had to stay and wash anything that was used that day.  Lifting 100 lb bags of flour, sugar and other supplies did however give me pretty good upper body strength at a younger age. :)

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